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Day: April 7, 2021

Asian 7-Eleven Employee Punched in Possible Hate Crime in NYC

On April 3, just before 6 a.m., an unidentified man entered the convenience store’s branch at the corner of 8th Avenue and West 39th Street and punched the victim in the face, according to ABC7 New York. The suspect allegedly

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Philippines warns China to ‘get out’ as boats gather in disputed waters

The Philippines has accused China of planning to occupy more areas in the South China Sea, repeating its demands for Beijing to withdraw a fleet of ships that has been amassing since last month around the Whitsun Reef, near the

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Amnesty International says Russia may be slowly killing Navalny

Alexei Navalny, the prominent opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is incarcerated in conditions that amount to torture and may slowly be killing him, human rights group Amnesty International said on Wednesday. Amnesty International said Navalny, who last year was

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Battle for Yemen desert city now a key to Iran, US tension

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The battle for an ancient desert city in war-torn Yemen has become a key to understanding wider tensions now inflaming the Middle East and the challenges facing any efforts by President Joe Biden’s administration

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‘A biological Fukushima’: Brazil COVID-19 deaths on track to pass worst of U.S. wave

Brazil’s brutal surge in COVID-19 deaths will soon surpass the worst of a record January wave in the United States, scientists forecast, with fatalities climbing for the first time above 4,000 in a day on Tuesday as the outbreak overwhelms

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