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3 killed, 1 injured in mass shooting at SW Houston apartments - Government & Private Jobs in Pakistan

3 killed, 1 injured in mass shooting at SW Houston apartments

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One of the suspects is only 18 years old, but he’s accused of ‘intentionally and knowingly’ killing Luis Ruiz and his sister Jessica in southwest Houston

SAMICA KNIGHT: This was all around 11:00 last night on Rancherster near Clarewood. Near Asian town ABC 13 reporter, Courtney Fischer, is there live. And Courtney, police say this shooting is “completely unprovoked” and that’s a quote from police.

COURTNEY FISCHER: Yeah, exactly. You’re going to hear from police in just a moment, Samica. In the last 30 minutes since we saw you, the police tape came down, detectives have left. There’s just one HPD car kind of in the area where that shooting happened around 11:30 last night. There was a disagreement between two groups of people and it was when it was all over after the shooting, four people had been shot, three of them are dead this morning.

Two of those killed were just teenagers, a man and woman, both of them 18-years-old. A man in his 40s is the third person killed. Another 18-year-old woman was shot, but she will survive.

Police say, two guys got into an argument, as I mentioned, outside of this complex with another group of people here. Those two others, the suspects, they left in a gold brownish colored car, but they said they’d be back, and then 15 minutes later, they returned. That’s when police say they started shooting, as you said, Samica, a quote from police, “totally unprovoked.”

  • You see the body slumped over of two teenagers. It’s just– just a senseless loss of life. It– it angers me. It saddens me that this is happening in this community. You know, gun violence continues to be on the rise in Houston, not only Houston, but around the country as well. So we need to do a better job as a community, as a society of getting a handle on this violence. It’s completely senseless.

COURTNEY FISCHER: Police are looking for the shooters this morning, but here’s the thing, they don’t have any kind of description. Again, they showed up here in that gold brown colored car. We don’t have any information about make or model. By the way, just want to mention this, since February last year, there have been 20 mass shootings in the Houston area. Of course, a mass shooting involves three or more victims.

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