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United Nations Pakistan
Brief Project Description:

With the first case emerging in November 2019 in Wuhan City, China, the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (CoVID-19[1]) has spread quickly across more than 199 countries and territories of the world. On March 11, 2020, WHO declared it a pandemic. As of August 20, 2020, there are over 22 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the world. The pandemic has already killed over 796,000 people4 and has generated huge disruptions to health systems, education systems, economies and social structures, which are predicted both to be worsen and be long-lasting. Behind these numbers, there is human cost in terms of mental trauma of death of a relative and fear of encountering the virus and loss of livelihood. Immediate and longer-term needs are changing across countries and are dependent on where countries are in the outbreak cycle.

Pandemics such as COVID-19 adversely impact the livelihoods of individuals, households and communities. In a report, the IMF has stated that while the effects of the disease will be felt worldwide, the vulnerable populations and disadvantaged communities are likely to suffer disproportionately from the Pandemic and will continue to be affected long after. Women in these populations and communities are likely to be affected even more as their pre-COVID-19 situation has been exacerbated by the pandemic. These individuals have limited access to healthcare and lack the capacity to protect themselves from financial shocks such as lay-offs and closures of businesses. An ILO report stated that “Women’s employment is at greater risk than men’s, owing to the impact of the lockdown in service sectors women are overrepresented in, combined with their higher informality in them.”

Pakistan has witnessed a 282,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases till August 20, 2020 with over 6000 deaths. In a developing country like Pakistan, where one third of the population is living below the poverty line especially in rural areas, which ranks poorly in terms of gender equality and the implementation of human rights of women, a pandemic is likely to damage the social and economic fabric of society, while compounding existing gender inequalities being faced by disadvantaged groups. The pandemic has profound repercussions on employment and, consequently, people’s livelihoods, food security and nutrition`. Pakistan is already highly impacted by climate change and frequent disasters, which has resulted in low agriculture productivity, loss of livelihoods, productive assets and food insecurity.

UN Women is embarking on implementing a national project “Strengthening Economic Resilience and Food Security for Women Home Based Workers and Women Farmers” whose livelihoods have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, through existing government programs, cash grants, and skills training for initiating micro-enterprises. The project will contribute to mitigating the impact of the pandemic on livelihoods and food security, foster better recovery, and build resilience for future shocks for vulnerable women. The expected outcome is: Economic vulnerability of women and other marginalized groups in the Covid-19 crisis situation is reduced by linkages to social protection schemes, improving household food security and income replacement opportunities. The project includes the gender transformative goal of sensitizing men towards increased responsibilities of women during lockdowns and encouraging them to share the caregiving and domestic responsibilities through attitude and behaviour change.

Organizational Context:

Under the direct supervision of Programme Officer and with guidance and support from the Women’s Economic Empowerment & Sustainable Livelihoods (WEE/SL) Portfolio Lead, this position will ensure effective communication and visibility of the project interventions. the Communications Officer will (i) research and create content, (social media messages/tweets, infographics, videos, event updates, etc.), (ii) monitoring social media activity, and (iii) social network developmentDescription of tasks:

Under the direct supervision Programme Officer, and with guidance and technical support from the Women’s Economic Empowerment & Sustainable Livelihoods (WEE/SL) Portfolio Manager , the communications assistant will be responsible for the following assignments.
Assist in drafting, editing and proof-reading of all materials that will be posted on the UN Women website social media platform (including, but not limited to concept notes, brochures, lists of participants, press-releases, biographies, etc.);
Assist in the creation, editing and retouching of photographs and videos;
Map major media outlets and compile names of journalists which could be relevant for the Forum and could be invited to cover the events, or play a moderating role in it;
Support to establish, maintain and develop a strong UN Women Pakistan presence in the country and region through various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Support in organizing and documenting events (reports, quotes, pictures) with CSOs, government and development partners
Participate in events (if needed) and compile brief reports/updates
Perform other relevant duties as required by the Portfolio Manager
Develop and sustain partnerships with internal and external partners, including private sector for successful implementation of UN Women Pakistan’s social media plan

Furthermore, UN Volunteers are encouraged to:
Strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the concept of volunteerism by reading relevant UNV and external publications and take active part in UNV activities;
Be acquainted with and build on traditional and/or local forms of volunteerism in the host country;
Reflect on the type and quality of voluntary action that they are undertaking, including participation in ongoing reflection activities;
Contribute articles/write-ups on field experiences and submit them for UNV publications/websites, newsletters, press releases, etc.;
Assist with the UNV Buddy Programme for newly-arrived UN Volunteers;
Promote or advise local groups in the use of online volunteering, or encourage relevant local individuals and organizations to use the UNV Online Volunteering service whenever technically possible.

Immediate Objective:

Under the guidance and direct supervision of Programme Officer WEE & SL, the communications Officer supports the implementation of team’s communications and advocacy strategies to increase the standing and awareness of the team with partners, the media and the public.


University degree (Bachelors or equivalent) in Communications, Journalism, International Affairs, Humanities, Arts or any other relevant discipline
A minimum of two years of relevant experience in one or more of the following areas: journalism, public relations, advocacy, international relations, marketing, development, advertising, digital communications, multimedia agencies, or another relevant field;
Command on drafting professional public communication material
Experience in media relations using traditional and social media, multi-media and a variety of platforms;
Proven experience in communications, writing and photo/video editing
Proven experience in the strategic use and monitoring of social media
Proficient in using new technologies, web-based platforms and social media networks.
Familiar with women’s rights and issues
Must have an active presence in major social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn;
Some experience with corporate brand management and private sector would be an asset
Proficiency in Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Illustrator, and InDesign would be an asset
Self-starter; organized, and able to multi-task
Excellent spoken and written English and Urdu skills
Knowledge of Pashto would be an asset
United Nations PAkistan

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