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Elephant covertly enters Thai family’s kitchen to look for food around evening time - Government & Private Jobs in Pakistan

Elephant covertly enters Thai family’s kitchen to look for food around evening time

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BANGKOK: A video as of late became famous online via web-based media in which an elephant could be seen scrounging through the kitchen of a Thai family around evening time in a bid to take food.

Likely determined by the 12 PM munchies, the gigantic creature sticks its head into Kittichai’s kitchen in the early long periods of Sunday, utilizing its trunk to discover food.

At a certain point, it’s anything but a plastic sack of fluid, considers it momentarily, and afterward sticks it in its mouth — before the video removes.

Kittichai and his significant other live almost a public park in western Thailand, by a lake where wild elephants frequently wash while wandering in the wilderness.

He was unperturbed by the mammoth vertebrate, remembering it’s anything but a successive guest as it regularly meanders into homes in his town where it eats, leaves and shoots off once more into the wilderness.

The elephant had really obliterated their kitchen divider in May, he said, making an outdoors kitchen idea suggestive of a drive-through window.

This weekend, its sole assignment was to discover food.

Kittichai said an overall dependable guideline in managing unwanted guests slamming isn’t to take care of them.

“At the point when it doesn’t get food, it simply leaves all alone,” he told AFP.

“I’m now accustomed to it coming, so I was not all that stressed.”

Wild elephants are a typical sight in Thailand’s public parks and its encompassing regions, with ranchers at times announcing occurrences of their foods grown from the ground crops being eaten by a ravenous group.

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