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NASA Discovers Another Sun Near Sun - Government & Private Jobs in Pakistan

NASA Discovers Another Sun Near Sun

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According to a foreign news agency, NASA astronomers have discovered another sun near the sun.

According to NASA astronomers, this star, which is smaller in size than the Sun, looks like the Sun. The star called Kappa 1 CT has the same temperature and light as the Sun.

NASA says it is impossible to go back billions of years in the early solar system and see what the sun looked like and when life first appeared on Earth, but the discovery will allow scientists to better understand how. The sun caused the growth of life on the planet and the planet.

On the other hand, researchers say that scientists will be able to better understand how our sun would have been when it was young, and how it would have formed life on our planet’s environment and on Earth.

Experts say that like human children, young stars also grow with age and their characteristics change.

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