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Pakistan’s ambassador to US Masood Khan meets President Biden - Government & Private Jobs in Pakistan

Pakistan’s ambassador to US Masood Khan meets President Biden

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Pakistan’s ambassador to the US, Masood Khan, met US President Joe Biden on a visit to the White House, an appointment that formalised his position as Pakistan’s envoy to the country.

As per the Pakistan Embassy in the US, Khan visited the White House for a “meet and greet” and an official photograph with the US president, an established tradition in Washington DC for newly appointed envoys.

Ambassador Khan was sent to Washington DC in March by the previous government. Following the ouster of Imran Khan and a new government coming into power, it was uncertain whether this would impact his appointment.

But the Pakistan Embassy confirmed that Khan’s “credentials were received by the US Chief of Protocol and he was designated as Appointed Ambassador.”

“During the ceremony, the US President and the Ambassador had a brief conversation on building a strong basis for moving the US-Pakistan ties forward,” the statement added.

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Ambassadors from Forty-six other countries were also present at the occasion to get their official photographs with the president.

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