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Rapper Quavo in hot waters again - Government & Private Jobs in Pakistan

Rapper Quavo in hot waters again

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It’s almost 2022, people need to make better choices and by that, I mean not being rude to people anymore. In another incident, a limo driver has sued rapper Quavo and his entourage for allegedly assaulting him in July, according to a magazine.

The unknown driver, according to reports, has filed a lawsuit describing the alleged attack, and according to his testimony, Quavo and his party were unhappy because the driver had left one of them behind after picking them up from a club.

The 30-year-old musician and his entourage were evidently enraged by this, and they began shouting at the driver before beating him.

The driver reportedly stated that he was ‘punched and kicked,’ and that as a result, he has endured both bodily and mental suffering.

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