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China’s Attacks on Australian Goods Take Many Different Forms

(Bloomberg) –After a year of steadily worsening relations between Beijing and Canberra, China has imposed a raft of trade measures blocking billions of dollars worth of Australian commodities to its biggest trading partner.The restrictions targeting shipments of beef, barley, coal,

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Australia says it will pursue all avenues on reports of China coal restrictions

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said any shift by China away from imports of high quality Australian coal would be a “lose-lose” for the environment and trading relationship. Chinese media outlets including The Global Times and Caixin on Monday reported

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Australia abandons Covid-19 vaccine due to false HIV positives

Australia has cancelled the production of a locally made Covid-19 vaccine after trial volunteers falsely tested positive for HIV,  meaning the drug could interfere with diagnosis of that virus. Antibodies generated by the jabs developed by the University of Queensland

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