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Ted Cruz says Senate will likely blockade Biden’s nominations based on debunked election fraud allegations

Some Republican senators are using their unfounded election fraud claims as an excuse to muddy President-elect Joe Biden’s transition. Biden has spent the past few weeks since the election filling out his Cabinet, hoping quick confirmations will help him get

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No Wisdom, No Courage!’: Trump lashes out at the Supreme Court after it rejected a Texas bid to overturn the election results

President Donald Trump criticized the Supreme Court on Friday after it rejected a legal challenge that would overturn the results of the presidential election. “The Supreme Court really let us down,” he said in a tweet. “No Wisdom, No Courage!”

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Supreme Court Shuts Door On Trump Election Prospects

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday night rejected an eleventh hour challenge to Joe Biden’s election as president. The court’s action came in a one-page order, which said the complaint was denied “for lack of standing.” “Texas has not demonstrated

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