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Xiaomi Launches Smart Gas Water Heater That Also Heats Pipe-Water - Government & Private Jobs in Pakistan

Xiaomi Launches Smart Gas Water Heater That Also Heats Pipe-Water

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Xiaomi has been going all out lately, in terms of its home appliance range.

Its recent launch, the Mijia Zero Cold Water Gas Heater in China, which is touted to be the brand’s first zero-cold water gas heater started initial retail at 2,399 yuan (~$376) but is now on pre-sale for 1999 yuan (~$313) on Xiaomi Mall.

Instead of having to wait for the cold water in the pipeline to drain before the hot water comes out, now, you get instant hot water within a span of 5-10 seconds. The device has an 18L capacity and it preheats the water, including that in the pipe. The heater also features a ±0.5℃ precision control constant temperature system.

This new instant water heater requires no return pipe. It does, however, come with a pre-installed one-way valve, which realizes the hot water circulation function. Even if you require a two-way valve, an independent return pipe can be installed, when combined with the one-way valve this provides better circulation.

The product also comes equipped with a segmented fire control technology, that allows you to adjust the firepower according to different inlet water temperatures. The device supports four bathing modes, including adult wash (43℃), comfortable wash (41℃), children wash (39℃), and kitchen use (36℃).

In terms of functions, the water heater supports NFC touchpads to turn on the automatic preheating function and also allows for the quick syncing of devices. You can also connect the water heater to the smart home platform, linking smart door locks, human sensors, and other devices to customize the bathing experience.

The Xiaomi Mijia Zero Gas Water Heater comes with a built-in DC variable frequency water pump. This even allows you to select the boost mode to control the water consumption. In addition to all these features, the product also has many safety protection technologies such as a built-in water purification filter as well as a silver ion antibacterial device.

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